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Migration will be completed outside of business hours over a weekend, and will involve approximately 2 hours of planned downtime as data is transferred. Advance notice of this scheduled outage will be sent to account owners 48 hours prior to commencement. On Christmas day 2020, Polar Star reached 72 degrees 11 minutes north, the farthest north any US government surface vessel has reached in the winter. The Arctic West Winter mission included travel in heavy ice in total darkness and joint exercises with Russian aircraft at the US Russian maritime boundary in the Bering Sea.[12] During the deployment Polar Star made port calls in Dutch Harbor Alaska and Juneau Alaska. Ensure you never overlook icebreaker activities for adults and see how they can help you. As you do so, you can help everyone in the group and get started on the right foot, so review some activities and let your group get to know each other.

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After Polar Sea was deactivated in 2010, Polar Star became the US’s only heavy icebreaker. The Coast Guard’s only other icebreaker, USCGC Healy, despite being classified as a “medium icebreaker”, is actually larger than ‘Polar Star’ (13,623 LT versus 16,000 LT). The final party at the end of the last full day (there are still sessions Friday morning). Icebreakers allow your employees to meet each other and establish relationships. From there, they can work better and even feel comfortable around each other, so you end up benefiting the business or group. At first, a new team may feel awkward while they try and interact with people.

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This was a 37% increase on the total number of chargers available in January 2021. Find who’s partnered with who in your industry, discover your product’s next big integration, uncover hidden opportunities for revenue, and more. It’s a lightweight way to maintain friendly dialogue with your team that doesn’t feel forced like zoom happy hours. HotPizza sends quick ice breaker questions daily or weekly to a Slack channel. Cultivate substrate developer community and redefine the future of open web ecosystem together.

That way, they don’t have to go around and spend more time meeting people after the initial activity. So while they can mingle more afterward, they get past the initial barrier. The economic situation is changing rapidly under the pressure of the epidemic.

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However, if you give them an easy way to interact, you can make it easier to break through the awkwardness. However, they can overcome the nervousness as they get to know people and see who they like in the team. Because of that, you need to offer people a chance to introduce themselves.

The differential motion of two nearby icebergs to the southeast of RV Xuelong highlighted the active shear of the ice pack. From 3 to 6 January, iceberg 1 drifted ∼10km northwestward, coming within 8 km of RV Xuelong on 6 January. Iceberg 2 drifted in the same direction; its net translation was 8.2 km from 1 to 2 January, 8.5 km from 2 to 3 January and 2.7 km from 3 to 6 January (Fig. 4).